Contract Pilot Staff and Aircraft Management:

Our company was founded in 1990 as a contract pilot and aircraft management services company. At the time, we developed a close relationship with several local companies that had the need to be in multiple locations during the course of the business week. Flying to multiple locations versus driving made daily visits to remote locations feasible and economical. Given the business nature of these clients, they wanted to maintain a high competency level with their core business versus having the distractions of operating an aircraft.  As a result, clients contracted with Bismarck Aero Center to provide a full pilot staff and to manage their company owned aircraft. The relationship with Bismarck Aero Center allowed these companies to focus on what they are good at while leaving the aviation side to our experienced pilot staff.

Site-seeing Tours

Want to go up in a plane just for fun or been in awe of the city lights at night? One of our experience FAA Certified Pilots can take you and a guest on an aerial tour over Bismarck/Mandan for an experience like none other! We can take you up for a ride to see almost any site and you will have the freedom to customize the flight to meet your expections. Fly closer and experience the grand display! Site-seeing flights make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, engagements or just to treat someone special. Give us a call to purchase a gift certificate or discuss your ideal air ride.

Aerial Photography

BAC can also provide for all of your aerial photography needs! Aerial shots of your home, land, plane and beyond. Bring your camera or work with some of our commercial photographers to satisfy any need you may have. Call today to talk about your needs and schedule a time.